About Catie RD, LD

Welcome to Meals Done Light! I am a Registered Dietitian currently living in Olathe, Kansas (about 20 minutes from Kansas City). I started blogging in May 2017 in order to have a platform to share recipes I had taken and put my own spin on to share with family and friends. Later, I decided to incorporate topics on healthy habits, nutrition tips and tricks, and meal planning. The information presented on this blog will be reliable information as I have great pride in my RD (Registered Dietitian) credentials. Click here to learn more about what a dietitian does and the requirements needed to get those letters after your name (one of the most exciting moments in my life when I had letters  behind my name!).


For my full-time job, I work as a clinical dietitian at a 650+ bed hospital in Kansas City, covering a neurology, neurosurgery, and surgical oncology floor.

I love my “clinical world”, as they say, but my goal of this blog is to reach many more people who may not necessarily be sick, but who desired to eat healthy and maintain healthy lifestyle habits as a way to maintain life-long health.

Ever since I was in high school I loved finding recipes online and putting my own spin on them to make them healthier. Cooking and eating is meant to be enjoyed, so why not have your own touch on it? And the fact that it’s healthier makes me enjoy it that much more. The good thing about cooking, is that it is flexible. I will admit that I don’t often use measuring cups/spoons when cooking (except when creating and testing recipes!) because I love the excitement of experiencing with different spices, seasonings, textures, etc.

Luckily I have a pretty good taste tester at home, my fiance husband (!!!), Lars. I can always trust his opinion, but in our time living together he has only disliked one dinner I made…success! Although, he’s easy to please and he’s my #1 fan.

As of now, our only “baby”  is our pup, Kaci, in the picture below. We someday hope to have a family so my goal is for a majority of my recipes to be simple, quick, and family-friendly.

I also love fitness and staying active! I played competitive softball all from 7th grade until I was a senior in high school. After many weekends of traveling for tournaments and weighing my options of playing at a collegiate level, I made the tough decision to end my softball career and focus on my other passion which was pursuing my degree in dietetics. But I still wanted to remain an athlete, so I turned to fitness – group classes in particular. I started with a basic body sculpting class, Turbo kick, boot camp, and last found my favorite group fitness class SPINNING! Talk about burning some major calories. I did distance running for a few years but felt that there was not much variety, and it was feeling more like a chore and I was not enjoying it anymore. On Saturday mornings, Lars and I also like to go to the gym together for a freestyle circuit workout. You will see some of these workouts end up on the blog later. However, please know that I am  not a certified trainer, and my expertise is in the field of nutrition. I hope to some day teach some type of group class! ….although it is hard enough for me to say one sentence when I am in a spinning class, so we will see how coaching a class would go!

I look forward to connecting with you! I am open to any suggestions for topics you would like to read and learn more about. Send me an email at mealsdonelight@gmail.com and get the conversation rolling!

Want to learn more about me? 

Here are 10 fun facts!
  • Favorite food: chips & anything (dip, salsa, hummus)
  • Favorite vegetable: spinach salads with strawberries and pecans
  • Favorite cuisine: Mexican
  • Favorite hobby: spin class, cooking, and cuddling with my pup
  • Favorite season: FALL (football, pumpkin everything, and our wedding anniversary)
  • Favorite TV show: tough one…. Greys Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, ANYTHING HGTV
  • Favorite place to shop: Target and the grocery store
  • Hometown: St. Louis (go Cards!)