Meet Kaci

I wanted to share a bit about our furry child, Kaci, since she is such a large part of my life! Below is a picture of the day we adopted her, right before we headed home! (well to the pet store first to drop a few hundred $ on her!)

We adopted Kaci on August 6, 2016 on a spur of the moment trip to the animal shelter after we went to a farmer’s market in downtown KC. Like most people, we had not intentions of getting a dob, but when we met Kaci she was perfect. I wanted a dog on the smaller side, and my fiance Lars wanted a big dog. Kaci was perfect in the middle at ~50 pounds.

Background on the name Kaci

When we first met our pup, her name was actually Edith… REALLY? She is way to cute to be an Edith. We weren’t sure if she was named that because she was a little older (about 4 years old), but still! They at least made it a little cuter and were calling her “Ee-dee”. When we were waiting for the workers to bring her out to us to go home her name just came to me. K.C. for Kansas City, me and Lars’s first city living in together (after college). Lars liked it and the name stuck! It only took “Edith” a little time to learn her new name.

We have had our struggles with Kaci, which we think is due to her background. She was surrendered by a family that had her for about 3 years because she would always get out and animal control would have to catch her. We think this is why she may be so fearful of men. But for some reason, Kaci took to me. She never leaves my side and seems to feel the safest when she is with me.

Unfortunately, since Kaci is so afraid of men, she was very fearful of Lars for quite some time. But this is slowly getting better. She does best with him whenever I am around, but she has been following him around more and more when I am gone.

So this won’t be the only post you see about Kaci. I will be sure to post progress she makes as she gets more and more confident. But one thing is for sure, we were sure lucky to adopt this sweet girl. There is nothing better than coming home to a loving and thankful pup!